How to Download & Install PHP 8 on Windows 10

This post will help download and install PHP 8 on Windows 10 manually. There are command line tools like chocolatey that lets you install PHP with one command also set to system’s path. But that’s basically an automation tool. In this post I’ll show how you can do this manually. There is a benefit of downloading and installing PHP manually on Windows 10. And the benefit is that you know what you are doing and it also takes less space on the drive (SSD/HHD) and most importantly you can easily uninstall it and remove all the garbage once you are done with it or would like to upgrade it.

Let’s Download PHP 8

PHP 8 download for Windows

Head to and click Download tab and look for Windows Download in the first section at the bottom and click it.

Now look for thread safe download this is very important.

Download zip package from thread safe download section for your Windows laptop and desktop.

32 bit and 64 bit — PHP 8 Download

PHP 7 64 bit thread safe download

First check your system type by pressing Windows Key +Pause/Break buttons together. Or press Windows key + R and write msinfo32 and hit ENTER check your system type and download PHP 8 32 bit or 64 bit accordingly.

PHP 7 32 bit thread safe download

Under thread safe section, look for 32 bit zip download or 64 bit zip download for your specific system type.

Unzip PHP 8 zip Download

Once your PHP zip package is downloaded, locate it, right click on it and click extract all.

Install PHP 8 on Windows 10

Locate your PHP 8 extracted folder and rename it. I have renamed it to php8. To install PHP 8 on your system, simply copy the renamed folder and paste on your desired drive (C or D) I always put it on my C drive. And you have installed PHP 8 on your Windows 10.

BUT We are not done yet.

Open this php8 folder and look for php.ini-development file.

Make a copy of this file and rename copy version to php.ini

Open php.ini file with your preferred text editor and

uncomment PHPIniDir “ext”

Save the file and close the editor.


To set PHP 8 to system’s path, open the php8 folder and copy the folder path to your clip board.

Click Windows button on your keyboard and type variable and hit enter.

Click Environment Variables

Under system path click EDIT

On the right top, clip NEW

Paste php8 folder path in here from your mouse clip board and click OK, OK, OK

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Verify PHP 8 Version with CMD

Launch your Windows CMD, PowerShell or Windows Terminal and type

php -version

And hit ENTER.

Write your first PHP file on Windows

Create a folder on your desktop, open this folder with your preferred editor and create a new file and save it with filename.php

<?php echo phpinfo(); ?>

Write the above code in your newly created php file and save it.

Run the PHP 8 Development Server

Navigate your Windows CMD to your php folder on your desktop and run the following command to run the PHP 8 Development server.

php -S

Hit ENTER and launch your preferred browser and head to

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Watch me Install PHP 8 on Windows 10

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